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We encounter patients who complain of teeth so sensitive they can’t take a cleansing breath of air without certain teeth hurting.  Some can’t drink without a straw because the teeth are too sensitive to cold beverages.  Many use desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne, but all to often their sensitive teeth don’t calm down.

There are many types of desensitizers.  One of our favorites is a liquid that can be painted on exposed root surfaces that can immediately encourage comfort.  Another technique uses a low level laser.  We have found impressive results using both together.

It’s important to pay attention when your body hurts.  It’s trying to communicate with you about something out of balance.  Working with your dental team can help identify the source and solutions to your discomfort.

Reasons for desensitizers:

  • exposed root
  • post trauma
  • otherwise healthy teeth that ache
  • aggressively brushed teeth
  • Worn teeth.

How are desensitizers used?

Once the teeth have been examined to make sure you aren’t experiencing a fracture or other stresses, the teeth are dried, painted with a small brush, and dried again.  Typically, the patient notices a different at the third application- no longer does the air cause discomfort, and there’s noticeable relief with subsequent applications.

When the laser is used- it is used like a flashlight to illuminate the teeth in question waved back and forth.  It’s a soothing light that penetrates to the nerve, but has to moved back and forth to prevent the energy from building up.

The most prominent reason for sensitive teeth is aggressive brushing and the resulting exposed root so great effort is placed in learning different brush techniques to preserve the root and maintain the desensetization.

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