Sedation Dentistry

When half the population is afraid to even come see us, we got busy discovering ways to make our visits more comfortable.  Sedation is one of our tools

Reasons to add sedation to your dental visit:

  • Just the thought of coming to a dental visit gives you nigthmares
  • Debilitating gag reflex- even a tooth brush sets you off
  • Some time in the past, you had a bad dental experience and now it’s difficult to come in without being reminded of it
  • Because you can- there aren’t too many reasons NOT to use some form of sedation
  • Peace of mind

What kind of sedation do we offer?

Quite simply – ALL of them:

Laughing Gas (nitrous oxide)– easy to start and easy to stop.  This gas is breathed comfortably through a simple nose piece- it takes several minutes adjusting the concentration and then you are drifting comfortably through the visit.  Some people feel light and floaty, others feel solid and settled, still others get a tingling in their fingers and toes.  Most everyone notices a warm relaxed feeling.  This is a great choice for gaggers and very mild anxiety.  You can even drive home after using it.

Conscious Sedation– this is for the moderately anxious patient.  The medication used is a benzodiazepine known for it’s short window of action and history of safety.  It is taken as a pill and combined with laughing gas provides a very calm journey through your visit.  Our monitors make sure you stay healthy and safe throughout the procedure.  Most patients remark on how little of the visit they remember.  You will definitely need a driver to take you home afterwards.

Full sedation– Our severely anxious patients love this option.  A licensed anesthesiologist will apply the IV sedation and monitor you throughout the procedure while we take care of your dental needs.   You will definitely need a driver to take you home afterwards.

Make an appointment today! We’ll give you a reason to smile!

We thank you for allowing us to take care of your dental needs and look forward to serving you.

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