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Vivos System

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you know how important and rare a good night’s sleep can be with this condition. And the effects of sleep apnea can extend way beyond just not getting proper rest. While there are many treatment options and devices available for those with a sleep disorder, Mountain Springs Dental offers a relatively new treatment that offers significant improvement for sleep apnea patients.


Most of the traditional types of treating sleep apnea address just reducing the symptoms. While they may be effective in reducing the issues and effects of sleep apnea, they don’t address the root causes and may require a lifetime of nightly use. These treatment options include CPAP machines, which are uncomfortable and awkward, a standard oral appliance, which may present long-term complications, or even a surgical implant, which requires outpatient surgery.

The Vivos System offers an all-natural, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, and pain-free approach to treating sleep apnea. It combines the use of oral appliance technology with a treatment administered by our specially-trained dentists at Mountain Springs Dental.


The Vivos System follows a proven plan to treat mild-to-moderate sleep apnea conditions:

  1. The system begins with an in-depth consultation and sleep assessment to arrive at a proper diagnosis of your condition.
  2. Using advanced medical imaging, we will be able to obtain precise measurements to determine the right therapeutic approach and treatment plan.
  3. Using a sophisticated algorithm, our Vivos-trained specialist arrives at a treatment plan designed specifically for you and your particular condition.
  4. We then will prescribe a custom oral appliance that you’ll wear while you sleep for an estimated period of between 12 and 24 four months.

Once the Vivos System is completed, no further treatment is required in most cases.

Vivos Can Work For Kids, Too

Children can suffer from sleep apnea as well. The Vivos System can be used for treatment in children who are struggling with getting a complete night’s sleep. Click here to learn more about the symptoms of sleep apnea in children and how it can be treated.


Make an appointment at Mountain Springs Dental for your initial consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for the Vivos System. We’re happy to answer your questions and explain in more detail how we and Vivos can bring you lasting relief for your sleep apnea conditions.

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