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Laser Therapy

How is laser therapy used in dentistry?


Laser therapy is safe, effective, and efficient. It is one of the newest methods for treating gum disease, tooth decay and teeth whitening just to name a few. Our Dentists use lasers in surgical and dental procedures, lasers quickly and painlessly remove unwanted tissue by delivering energy in the form of light. In teeth whitening procedures, the laser becomes a heat source that affects the tooth bleaching agent. They also very effective at low settings for chasing away cold sores and ulcers.

Laser therapy for gum disease

Since 1990s traditional surgery has been the only option for treating gum disease. However the newest laser technologies allow us for a less painful surgery and faster recovery! At Mountain Springs Dental office, our dentist uses a dental laser to remove inflamed gum tissue from the root of the tooth. Once the infected tissue is removed exposing the root, scaling begins. Calculus and plaque built-up in and around the root are then scraped off. To prevent future infections, our dentists then smooth the tooth in order to remove any rough spots.

What is laser therapy used for?

At Mountain Springs Dental office we use lasers to treat the following:

  • Tooth decay. Lasers are used to remove decay within a tooth and prepare the area for receipt of the filling.
  • Gum disease. Lasers are used to remove bacteria from the root canals and reshape gums.
  • Biopsy. Lasers can be used to remove lesions in the mouth, relieving the patient from the pain of canker sores.
  • Teeth whitening. Lasers are used to speed up the procedure of teeth whitening. Bleaching solution applied to the tooth is “activated” by the lasers energy, speeding up the process.

Safety of laser therapy

Yes, dental lasers are safe. Well trained professionals at Mountain Springs Dental office use lasers according to safe practices and with the utmost precautions allowing for a safe laser therapy. We care for our patients and in order to protect them during the procedure they will be asked to wear special glasses to protect their eyes from the laser. Learn more about the safety of laser therapy by contacting our dentists at Mountain Springs Dental office free of charge.


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