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Digital X-rays

What are dental digital X-rays?


Digital radiography (known as digital X-ray) uses an electronic sensor instead of traditional X-ray film to capture X-ray images. The digital images are then easily stored directly to a computer allowing our dentists to detect abnormalities, irregularities, infections or fractures which are otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

Here at Mountain Springs Dental office in North Ogden, UT we use Digital X-rays to reduce patient exposure by up to 90 percent. Digital X-rays allow us to get an instant view for easier problem detection which furthermore helps us explain the procedure to a patient who wishes to understand the nature of the treatment.

How safe are dental digital X-rays?

After hearing about all of the benefits that dental digital X-rays provide, you must be concerned about the safety, after all, everything comes at a price but you would be wrong. Studies have shown that digital X-rays produce a lot less radiation compared to traditional X-rays. No matter how safe digital X-rays are, here at Mountain Springs Dental office, our dentists still take necessary precautions in order to limit patients radiation exposure. The need for dental digital X-rays depends only on the patient. We do not recommend X-rays unless they are completely necessary to our patients health, which we determine based on your past exams and your medical and dental history. For new patients we recommend radiographs to determine the status of hidden areas of your mouth and analyse any further changes that may occur later.

Digital X-rays at Mountain Springs Dental

Here at Mountain Springs Dental office we use only the newest and latest technologies offered to us to help our patients keep and maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful Smile. Book an appointment with our team of dentists at Mountain Springs Dental office for your cleaning, exam and digital X-ray needs.


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