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Fixed Implant Bridges

Fixed implant bridges are a tooth replacement method that places dental implants into the jawbone, and then adds the new artificial teeth on top. The new artificial teeth are made to look as natural as possible, and are specifically made to match the remaining teeth. 

Unlike more traditional methods of replacing multiple teeth like dentures, fixed implant bridges are not removable. They are designed to be a permanent addition to your mouth, since the dental implant is placed directly in your jawbone. This structure mimics the structure of your natural teeth, with the dental implant imitating the root of a tooth. 

Fixed implant bridges effectively preserve your jawbone and prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting. The bridges end up maintaining the shape of your smile and even preventing future complications. 

How Fixed Implant Bridges Work

Dental implants are placed into the jawbone like a tooth root. These implanted anchors act as a foundation for the bridge. 

The bridge is made up of the new artificial teeth that will act as a replacement for the missing teeth. These missing teeth provide structure and support for your mouth. The new teeth on the bridge are carefully matched to your existing teeth in order to look as natural as possible. 

The fixed implant bridge procedure is done on patients who need to replace multiple teeth. It is a fast and effective procedure that makes a big difference!

Benefits of Fixed Implant Bridges

Fixed implant bridges are an effective and comfortable long term solution for multiple missing teeth. A more modern approach to traditional dentures, other benefits include:

  • Long lasting. With proper care, your fixed implant bridges should last for your lifetime. 
  • Natural appearance. Fixed implant bridges are designed to look just like your natural teeth. No one will even know you have them!
  • Strong structure. Because fixed implant bridges are designed to be similar to your natural teeth by attaching to the jawbone, you have a strong new set of teeth. 
  • No slipping. Many solutions to multiple missing teeth are removable. While this may seem more convenient, for purposes like cleaning, most patient’s actually find it more difficult in their day to day life. Removable dental appliances can slip, become loose or fall out when you are eating, talking or smiling. That’s not the case with fixed implant bridges!
  • Bone preservation. Bone density loss is a real issue where missing teeth are concerned. But fixed dental implants don’t have this problem, since they are attached to the jawbone and they support the other remaining teeth. 

Fixed implant bridges are often a cheaper way to replace multiple teeth, and they come with many benefits! If you are looking for a way to replace multiple teeth, talk to your dentist about fixed implant bridges. 

Discover Fixed Implant Bridges With Mountain Springs Dental

Fixed implant bridges are a great solution to address missing teeth. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, just ask. 

Still have questions? We have answers! Our highly trained team is available to answer any additional questions or address any concerns you may still have. 

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