Apply for a Free Smile Makeover at our upcoming

Community Care Day

On May 1st, 2021, Mountain Springs Dental is hosting a “Community Care Day” to provide quality dental care to deserving members of the community. Our vision for this year’s event is to improve the lives of caregivers and healthcare workers who have given up so much over these last several months in the COVID-19 response effort. We are excited to announce that this year we are providing free smile makeovers to selected applicants.

How to apply:

FILL OUT AND SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION BY May 1st, 2021. Make sure to completely fill out the application form on this page. Incomplete applications will will not be considered for a smile makeover. We will contact you within two weeks if you were selected.

Rules for participation:

Any caregiver or healthcare worker can apply. This means a family member or friend who has put their life on hold to care for others, as well as professional healthcare providers like nurses and doctors.

You may apply on behalf of friends or loved ones but the application information must be accurate, and the nominee must be informed that Mountain Springs Dental might be contacting them.

Why Trust Mountain Springs Dental with Your Smile?

Mountain Springs Dental has invested heavily in the tools and training to offer world-class smile transformations to the wonderful people in this community. Because of this, our patients have been thrilled with their life-altering smile makeovers (and we know you will be too). In fact, this is the secret to how we built up our pearly white reputation. We consistently create stunning smiles.

Community Care Day Application

    Share your smile with us. Please follow the examples and instructions.

    1. Pull hair back away from your face
    2. Remove any jewelry
    3. Find a well-lit area where the light is stronger in front of you
    Photo 1

    Forehead to chin
    Look Straight at the camera
    Show as much smile as possible

    Photo 2

    Same as before, only no smile

    Photo 3

    Up close and personal- show as many teeth in your smile

    Photo 4

    This is an extra shot- focus on the one area or tooth that bothers you the most.

    NagiosCheckValue - Do not remove please