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Benefits of Dental Implants

Losing teeth is more common than you might think. For a large percentage of adults in the United States, losing teeth is just part of their dental journey, but that doesn’t make it fun or pretty.

Since so many adults will find themselves missing one or more of their permanent teeth in their lifetime, we decided to offer dental implants to our patients. Learn more below about how the cosmetic dentists of Ogden, UT, can give you a gorgeous new smile with dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a way to replace teeth after tooth loss. Dental implants are custom-made for each patient. They involve three pieces:

  • The post is placed under the gum line and into the jawbone for stability.
  • The abutment connects the sturdy post to the prosthetic tooth.
  • The dental crown or other options to take the place of your missing tooth.

Why Should I Replace a Missing Tooth?

The permanent teeth you get as a child are not meant to fall out, but it does happen. When children lose their teeth, they grow new teeth in their place. That is not the case for adults. If you lose a tooth, Mountain Springs Dental can help you get back your beautiful smile.

Our patients know how much we care about how smiles look—we are the cosmetic dentists in Ogden, after all—but losing a permanent tooth has more consequences than aesthetic ones.

Leaving a space in your mouth comes with risks that can damage the rest of your teeth and make it more difficult to remedy the problem later. Getting dental implants, or another method of tooth replacement is vital.

Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

  • Prevent Gum Disease: When you have a missing tooth that doesn’t get replaced, you become more susceptible to gum problems and cavities. If you replace a tooth, you can avoid many serious dental problems.
  • Retain Facial Structure: Your teeth are rooted into your jawbone and help your face hold its structure. Without your tooth, your jawbone deteriorates. Replacing a tooth quickly can keep you looking young and healthy.
  • Speak and Eat Normally: When you’re missing teeth, chewing and talking can be painful or difficult. Replacement teeth can help you to eat all the foods you love and communicate clearly with the people you love too.

Replacing missing teeth can help you avoid plenty of problems and bring added confidence and ease to your daily life. When searching for tooth replacement options, choose dental implants from Mountain Springs Dental for a new smile that looks amazing and functions the way it should.

Why Choose Dental Implants From Mountain Springs Dental?

We are the cosmetic dentists of Ogden, Utah. Each smile we craft is made with care and precision. Our patients’ needs are ever on our minds as we work to create beautiful smiles for all our patients, no matter how many teeth they have!

Our dental implants can mitigate the damage of missing teeth by becoming secure, healthy, and beautiful tooth replacements. Dental implants from Mountain Springs Dental will have you leaving our office feeling more confident and comfortable in your smile.

There are many benefits to undergoing a dental implant procedure. Some of the benefits, like no risk of cavities on implants or the natural look, are just convenient or cosmetic. But for many, getting dental implants is a prime choice for overall oral health.

Look Young Again With Dental Implants

When you lose teeth you start to experience jawbone deterioration. Left unchecked, this deterioration can drastically change your appearance. Dental implants are rooted into your jawbone.

Those titanium posts constantly stimulate the jaw, which prompts your body to create more bone marrow. This will keep your jaw strong and full, giving you a youthful appearance.

Live Like You Never Lost a Single Tooth

With dental implants from Mountain Springs Dental, you can smile, talk, laugh, and eat like you never had tooth loss in the first place.

As cosmetic dentists, we believe in individuality. Our dental implants are custom-made for each patient, so each smile we make is completely unique to the patient. You can have a brand new set of teeth that are truly yours!

This attention to the shape of your mouth isn’t just cosmetic. Unlike other tooth replacement options that might slip or slide in your mouth, dental implants are firm because they are deeply rooted in your jaw. This gives the implants a realistic feel and the strength to take on any food your natural teeth could.

Enjoy Cavity-Free Teeth

Never get a cavity again with dental implants. Because these teeth are artificial rather than natural enamel, bacteria can’t eat away at them. So you can have a gorgeous smile that is free from bacterial assault.

Don’t forget to care for the rest of your natural teeth! If you still have some natural teeth, they are still susceptible to cavities, so it’s very important to keep those teeth clean and healthy so you don’t have to replace them too!

Keep Remaining Teeth Strong

When there is a gap in your smile, your remaining teeth may shift to fill it. This can create a lot of problems if left unchecked. Rogue teeth filling gaps can quickly become painful and create new problems you will need a dentist’s help to solve.

Keep the rest of your teeth in line with dental implants from Mountain Springs Dental. If your tooth loss occurred because of infection, dental implants can keep your gums free of bacteria, which will keep the rest of your teeth stronger and safer.

Keep Your New Teeth for a Lifetime

As long as you are caring for your dental implants, they are a permanent solution to your tooth loss! With our incredible dental technology, we can create unique implants for each patient and we can make them high-quality and long-lasting.

Take good care of your implants by brushing and flossing daily and visiting our office bi-annually for routine cleanings and checkups, and your dental implants might last the rest of your life.

Get New Teeth With Little to No Pain

During your dental implant procedure, you will be under anesthesia and will not feel any pain. After surgery, our dentists will brief you on aftercare, including prescribing any necessary medications to manage pain.

After you have returned home you may experience some pain as your body heals. It is not unusual to have some swelling, bruising, and inflammation immediately following your procedure. For the first forty-eight hours or so, you should only eat soft foods.

Once a few days have passed since your dental implant procedure, you should be back to normal and fully recovered. Dental implants are easy to care for, as long as you are practicing good oral hygiene habits.

Enjoy Low-Maintenance Tooth Replacements

One of the reasons dental implants are an ideal choice to replace missing teeth is how easy they are to take care of. You care for your dental implants the same way you care for your regular teeth.

Frequent brushing, flossing, and attending your bi-annual dental visits will keep your implants (and the rest of your teeth!) healthy and strong for a long time. Regular dental visits keep your teeth extra clean and safe from cavity-causing bacteria. By visiting our office, you will catch problems early on, when they are easy to treat.

Dental implants cannot get cavities, but don’t forget that the rest of your mouth remains susceptible. You can avoid losing any more teeth by taking good care of your oral health and practicing good oral hygiene.

What About Other Tooth Replacement Methods?

Missing more than just a few teeth but still want to take advantage of dental implants? Never fear! Mountain Springs Dental provides plenty of tooth replacement options that have all the same benefits as dental implants. These options are:

  • Implant-Supported Dentures: When you are missing most of your teeth, daily life can be extremely difficult. With our implant-supported dentures, you can get a full mouth of replacement teeth that are securely attached to your jaw—they’ll feel as if they were your natural teeth!
  • Snap-On Dentures: These dentures are also supported by dental implants, but they come with one slight advantage over regular implant-supported dentures. They’re removable! That’s right, if you get tired of wearing your dental appliance (or just want to prank your grandkids), you can simply take it out and then snap it back in.
  • Fixed-Implant Bridges: Bridges are small sections of replacement teeth. Usually, they are attached to two adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. Our bridges, however, are supported by dental implants which make them stronger, healthier, and longer-lasting. If you’re missing several teeth in a row, a fixed-implant bridge could be just what you need.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are available to most patients, even those with insufficient jawbone tissue. Though unique situations exist, most patients qualify for dental implants, so don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation because you don’t think you’ll qualify.

Get Beautiful Dental Implants in Ogden, Utah

Mountain Springs Dental provides dental implants and other important procedures to patients all over Ogden. Our highly-trained and compassionate team is available to answer any questions you might have about tooth replacement, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants.

Learn more about potential treatment plans and our team. Contact us at Mountain Springs Dental today to set up an appointment and get the smile you’ve always wanted!

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